Every day I practice my self-love! Respecting myself and taking daily care of my inner and physical self. Just LOVE yourself!
I am eternally grateful and happy to have been born Criola!
Let summer inspire you with good energy...!
My Africa stays always behind! Just 2% of the population on the African continent is vaccinated against COVID 19! We cannot sit still, resigned and passive. The vacination of the deprived people should be a strong priority from the strongest, the World Powers. I would like to leave a warning and a special request to @cplp_secretariado.executivo @europeancommission @unitednations and @unicef . And also like to ask my Portuguese Government @gov_pt to help in this fight,as in so many other humanitarian issues where they have always responded with actions and diplomacy.
This is the smile of someone who will have a show at @coliseudosrecreios on November 12, 2021, have you already bought your tickets?
Be affirmative! Live African culture with pride and truth. Soon lots of news from this Luso-African Woman!😉
Counting the days to give you a thousand news! Soon.
31 de Julho, foi o dia em que nasci. No mesmo mês em que Cabo Verde se tornou país Independente, 1 ano e três meses após o 25 de Abril em Portugal. Não é por acaso que para mim as palavras Liberdade e Independência sejam as palavras que melhor me definem.
Look to the future without fear of following the light.
Always challenge yourself with an affirmative smile!
Smile of gratitude! “Força di Mudjer”. Soon.
Walking in the right direction. Challenging me and challenging mine. Soon.
Dancing to the sound of my new Batuko!! Soon.
dance, dance & dance! Soon.
I'm happy! soon.